Jennifer Yaya Falanga

Asuquomo, 2020

Art direction and photography for multi-disciplinary artist, Asuquomo.

Djamila, 2017

Djamila, 2017

Gbenga, 2016


La Belle Kin, 2011 & 2014

Kinshasa doesn't make it to anyone's top travel destinations. For myself, it's a place I've always thought about, heard spoken about, and wanted to experience. It's an immense privilege to have been to a place with so much history, life, and where the homogenizing effects of the West are slow to come and slow to stick.

Quotidian: The cinematic in the every day, 2018

Quotidian is a project which starts from the experience of commuting to and from work, and the yearning to capture the hidden drama of an ordinary life.


Tania, Phoebe, Eric, & Anthony

The Lonely Summer, 2018

Exploring the loneliness of modernity in the context of the suburban life and my own experience with loneliness, that seems to heighten in intensity during the summer months.